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Best Tourist Attractions
  • Round Tower of Lusk Continue to Lusk after visiting Baldongan and you can also admire the Round Tower of Lusk. Not to be confused with the local football and hurling team (aptly named the Round Towers of Lusk), this is what remains of a monastery built here in the 5th century ACE. It is often regarded as the earliest tangible remains of early Christianity in the town. The original church suffered greatly during its first five centuries of life, falling victim to plundering and several catastrophic fires. The complex you can visit today was built over a millennia and comprises the 9th century tower and 19th century church, as well as a 16th century belfry. Regular historical exhibitions are held in the belfry so contact the Lusk Heritage Centre to check for upcoming events.

    Address: Church St, Lusk
    Phone: +353 1 8331618
    Email: Lusk Heritage Centre,

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