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1. What does the word Skerries mean?

Rocky place
a group of rockers
Rock and roll band
A group of rocky islands

2. How far is Skerries from the city-centre.

20 miles
10 miles
18 miles
15 miles

3. Who opened Skerries Mills?

Cathal Boland
Mary McAleese
Bertie Ahern
Mary Robinson

4. What is Skerries local drama group called?

Skerries Drama Club (S.D.I)
Skerries Drama Accocation (S.K.I)
Old School Drama

5. What is the name of the local art gallery owned by Paul D'Arcy ?

Pauls Art Gallery
Skerries Art Gallery
Daffodil Art Gallery
The Rose Art Gallery

6. What is the local run newspaper called?

Skerries People
Skerries News
The Times of Skerries
Irish Times

7. How many 18 Hole golf courses are in Fingal?


8. What popular event happens in Skerries every year?

The Road Races
The Car Races
The Foot Races
The Bus Races

9. Skerries has a strong tradition what is it?


10. How long did Skerries Mills take to complete

10 years
15 years
5 years
4 years

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