History of Skerries Harbour

From the earliest times Skerries was used as an anchorage because of its excellent natural facilities as a harbour. As the town gets its name from the Vikings, and because many Viking surnames still remain in the locality, it is safe to assume that Viking recognised its advantages as a harbour, and settled in the area. In 1496 the King gave permission to the Prior of Holmpatrick to build a pier. At this time Skerries was the property of the monastery of Holmpatrick and was known as the Port of Holmpatrick. After the reformation the monastery and its lands became the property of Thomas Fitzpatrick in 1565.

He was charged with the upkeep of the harbour on which he had to spend between 200 and 300 pounds on repairs. By 1605, when the manor of Holmpatrick was granted to the Earl of Thomond, the harbour is described as being in a ruined state. The harbour remained the property of the Earl of Thomond until 1721,and though there are some records of the harbour and pier for this period none describe its condition or size. In 1721 the Hamilton family purchased the Manor of Holmpatrick, and the town and port of Skerries. In 1759 the Irish parliament granted

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