Best Viewing Points | Skerries 100


Start / Finish: There are very limited spectating areas at the Start / Finish line. The area between the Start / Finish line and the area adjacent to the Schoolhouse road junction provides some great views of the Start / Finish straight and the very fast run into Dublin corner, many an overtaking manoeuvre is attempted here. Dublin Corner: The busiest section of the circuit with ample good viewing spots on the entry and exit to the corner. Always a favourite with regulars to the event.


Dublin corner is a slow tight 90 degree left hander at the end of one of the fastest stretches on the circuit. Stand here and you’ll see some fantastic action. Riders jostling for position will leave braking as late as they can, sometimes running off and down towards the paddock.


Local hero Martin Finnegan enjoys braking late and hard here before backing his bike into this corner. You’ll see some brave overtaking attempts here. The run from Dublin corner down to Dukes bends is a popular spot and gets very busy very early. You will have to be early to the circuit to get a good spot here, the crowds can be 3 or 4 people deep here. Your reward will be a fantastic view of the riders accelerating hard out of Dublin and disappearing down hill towards Dukes bends. As they exit Dublin corner there is a tricky left hand down hill corner which has a hidden dip waiting quietly to unseat the unsuspecting rider, bikes always bottom out here and many try hard to part company with their rider!


Dukes Bends named after the famous Geoff Duke: I feel the need, the need for speed! Flat out and spectacular. Spectators need to keep their feet up here on the grassy banks as riders and their machines flash by at unbelievable speeds only inches away. This is a very popular spot and spaces on the banks go quickly. Paula & Francis Everards house on the exit often has refreshments available during the day, keep an eye out for past winners in the garden as they enjoy a bit of hospitality and a great view.


Baldungan: This fast lefthander takes its name from the Castle on the top of the hill above. Lots of space here to watch some incredible action. One of the least visited corners on the circuit it’s a real gem. Find a spot on the bank or Farmyard on the entry into this corner and you’ll see riders hard on the brakes as they set up for this fast sweeping lefthander. Another good spot here is on the inside of the corner where you get so close to the riders you can see the determination on their faces as they concentrate on getting this corner perfect for the run into Glasshouses.


Glasshouses: A challenging part of the circuit which requires a bit of moving around and gear shifting for the riders, a slight right hand entry is followed by an immediate left. Not many good spots to view here but if you can find a pitch then you’ll see riders working hard to achieve a couple of very fast directional changes. Try the inside of the corner for viewing. Gillies Leap named after the great


Gillie Iverson: You want ‘heart in the mouth’ action then this is the place to be! Without a doubt one of the most spectacular airborne displays on any open road circuit. Riders gain their wings here and become jet fighter pilots for a few seconds. A very popular viewing spot, again you need to get here early if you want to lay claim to a good view but be warned those of a nervous disposition should stay away from Gillies Leap! Christies Farmhouse provides limited bike parking and refreshments throughout the day. The run down from Gillies Leap to the Hairpin doesn’t offer much in the way of viewing points, there are a few but they are not the best on the circuit. It is however one of the quietest areas in terms of spectators so if you pitch down there you won’t be disturbed too often, other than by the circuit Marshals if you’re found in one of the many prohibited areas.

The Hairpin: Not a great deal of viewing space here. The Marshals at the Hairpin have a job keeping the run off areas clear of spectators who never seem to realise just how dangerous it can be to stand in the wrong place at a racing event. If you get one of the few safe places here you’ll have a great view of the riders trying to out brake each other into the tightest and slowest corner on the circuit. You’ll witness some of the biggest wheelies here as the riders grab a big handful of throttle on the way out.

Shady Lane and Sam’s Tunnel: You want fast? Shady Lane leading into Sam’s Tunnel is where the riders engage warp drive and become a blur as they reach top speeds on the circuit. Races have been won and lost on this section so get here early if you want to lay claim to a good viewing spot. There are many prohibited areas on this section of the circuit because it’s very fast. Viewing areas are limited and the Marshals in this area are the toughest you’ll meet anywhere!

There is lots of space around the Shady Lane – Ardla road junction and even a mini grandstand just on the exit of Sam’s tunnel which gives an excellent view of most of this section of the circuit. Sam’s Leap named after multiple Skerries 100 Winner Sam McClements: A great place to watch as riders grapple to maintain control of their machines over the leap before braking for the temporary chicane half way round the long sweeping left hander which leads into the Start / Finish straight. The sprint to the finish line starts just outside the gates to the Hills Cricket Club.

The Paddock: The Paddock at the Skerries 100 is always great craic! Here you’ll find all the riders, their machines and their support crews. Many of the riders are happy to chat with spectators and sign autographs whilst they are in the Paddock but please remember the riders are here to race and they do need some time to themselves between races! You can take the opportunity to snap of few good photographs at the podium which you’ll find at the entrance to the Paddock. You’ll also find a host of traders in the Paddock selling everything from Paddock stands to T-shirts and caps. Look out for race day bargains. Food and Beverages will also be available in the Paddock area. Facilities here include Toilets and washing cubicles.

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